By Sutlers

"But you are much mistaken," said he, "for he has not sailed as a seaman, but as a traveller, or rather a philosopher."


Light goes to the supermarket to pick up milk for his mother, which is not something he dislikes doing, though is it not something he would usually volunteer himself for either. Ryuk is blessedly quiet, hovering curiously over the star fruit display, looking like he's trying to figure out whether he can pinch one or will have to ask Light to buy it for him. Naturally, Light doesn't approve of that sort of thing, but occasionally it's best to turn a blind eye. Especially when it comes to keeping obnoxious supernatural beings happy.

The milk is in the back corner of the store, past aisles of unappetizing, pre-packaged junk that's been saturated in sodium and who knows what other chemicals; disgusting, he thinks, that people are actually tricked into buying that sort of thing. He sees a harried mother dump almost an entire crate of frozen dinners into her basket, a toddler hanging off either side of her skirt. A phrase: it is both ridiculous and foolish for any to give themselves the trouble to make ready an ill dinner at home, when there is a much more plentiful one made ready for him so near at hand. He does not think about the specific parameters of Kira's new world often: his nebulous vision is just that, to be fleshed out once the foundations are laid. The internalization of the new morality is only the beginning.

Of course, More was an idiot reactionary: concepts ludicrous and half-formed; there is no point in creating such a questionable fictitious society. One must be prepared to support it as one or the other, a genuine model or a parody, otherwise there are too many gaps in the reasoning and it becomes an exercise in futility. Faith must be absolute and unwavering, to inspire others to believe.

Ryuk appears in front of him, licking yellow pulp from around his lips. He wants to go, bored, and Light nods imperceptibly, shifting the milk from one hand to the other. On their way, they see the mother heading in the same direction, struggling to balance her groceries and the toddler that has climbed into her arms. Light pauses, taps her on the shoulder.

"Excuse me," he says. "Please, let me help you carry something."

Her eyes light up with gratitude. "Oh. Oh yes, thank you so much."

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